Sean Connery Day Global Social TV Celebration

Today, movie fans around the world are gathering across the social web to celebrate the birthday of Sir Thomas Sean Connery. Starting with his 80th birthday in 2010, “Sean Connery Day” has been celebrated annually on August 25th. The popularity of the social event has steadily gained traction since its inception. With fans dispersed around the globe, there are no single broadcasts with which to live chat specific movies. Instead, fans are encouraged to watch their favorite films throughout the day and share quotes, memorable scenes, and even videos talking like him. Yes, not only is this a day to celebrate the long and impressive film career of Sir Connery, but one where fans are encouraged to talk like him too (similar to Talk Like a Pirate Day).

Sean Connery Day Social TV Global CelebrationTo stimulate conversation, the Sean Connery Day Facebook page is sharing one new post an hour, each featuring a different film. The Twitter account is doing the same, but is also there to converse with fans and share other celebrations around the world. Across social networks, fans are encouraged to center their conversations around the #SeanConneryDay hashtag. Sean Connery Day has teamed up with GetGlue to both generate awareness of the event and to serve as another place where fans can converse about their favorite films. Any user who checks in to a Connery film using GetGlue will earn the 2013 Sean Connery Day badge and will be entered to win a Connery themed prize pack. This is the first year that Sean Connery Day has featured a contest and a GetGlue badge. More info on that can be found here.

At fours years old and counting, this may very well be the first and only social TV driven global “holiday”. Hopefully in the future, as the popularity grows, there will be network or OTT provider involvement to focus conversation around specific films and to build upon this growing fan base.

Who started this idea 4 years ago? That would be yours truly. Why did I create Connery Day? It was right before his milestone 80th birthday so it only seemed right to celebrate his amazing career. I’m also a big fan of not only his work, but both modern and classic cinema as well. Sean Connery Day provides an opportunity to create a learning opportunity for younger generations who might not be as interested in films from the 1960s-80s as they are more modern releases. By showing the connections to other actors/directors that have worked with Connery over the years, I am able to hopefully generate interest in previous generations of movies. The talking like him piece…well, that’s just for a bit of fun.

I also wanted to give a special thank you shout-out to my friend Amanda Roberts for creating the 2013 Sean Connery Day design and to the awesome folks at GetGlue for their support.